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Nintendo 3DS sold out in Japan on first day of retail

Just how popular is Nintendo's new handheld video game console, the 3DS? Well, it would seem that any fears of the console maker's potentially failing in their attempt to venture into 3D gaming would be busted, at least for the time being. After all, how else can one explain the complete sell-out of all 400,000 available units in the company's domestic market?

So, Nintendo's long-awaited handheld video game console, the 3DS, has finally been released for sale in its domestic market. That is perfectly fine with us: after all, Nintendo and its 3DS are both products of the Japanese economy, and it would make sense that Nintendo would want to use the domestic market as a gauge of its device's popularity before making concrete sales targets for the console's eventual international launch.

That being the case, what would the the reception of the Japanese gaming public towards Nintendo's first forray onto the whole 3D bandwagon? Well, if sales numbers mean anything, the answer would probably go along the lines of 'awesome', for the lack of a more appropriate expression. This is because the Nihon Keizai Shimbun (aka Nikkei) has confirmed that every single last unit of the first shipment of 400,000 3DS consoles designated for the domestic market has been completely sold out on the same day the console was released for retail. 

But that is not all. When one takes into consideration that Nintendo plans to ship 1.5 million 3DS consoles for the domestic market by 31 March, it would make sense that the company will want to ensure that its production line and resellers remain well stocked up with inventory. Apparently, it has already taken action by ordering another shipment of the new 3D-capable console this morning which, in all likelihood, is probably being wiped clean off the shelves as this article is being posted. Ouch. Oh well, there is always the next shipment…and the next…and the next…right?

Source: NIkkei via Andriasang

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