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Nikon launches “Discover Nikon” Facebook fanpage


Nikon has recently announced the relaunch of their “Discover Nikon” and bring it to Facebook and Twitter. The manufacturer aims to let its fans and photographers discover the passion and inspiration that underlies beautiful images, through interacting more closely with Nikon and other photographers. Read on for the official release

For the new year of 2010, Nikon Asia will relaunch “Discover Nikon” in a new way using popular social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. In 2006, Nikon Asia had created Discover Nikon, an online gallery which consisted of 48 Nikon Professional Photographers’ moments in life, love, nature, tragedy and time.

Faithfully retaining the name “Discover Nikon”, Nikon Asia now wishes to allow its fans and photographers to continue discovering the passion and inspiration that underlies beautiful images, through interacting more closely with Nikon and other avid photographers in Facebook and Twitter.

This will be the first activity on the social media space for Nikon Asia that will allow it to intermingle with its fans and photographers on a more personal and regular basis. It will also allow Nikon Asia to reach the hearts of its younger audiences, which is one of its main purposes in bringing “Discover Nikon” into the social media arena.

Through the usage of such platforms, fans can expect more vibrant interaction with Nikon Asia and contents such as regular news, sales information, and promotion updates. Plans are also underway for photo contests and prize giveaways that will excite fans.

The new Discover Nikon Facebook fanpage and Twitter page are now open to all Nikon users and potential fans from Asia regions such as Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Singapore.

In the coming year, Nikon Asia plans to continue to nurture this online community for more improved interactions with its customers and fans. It may even consider expanding its geographical reach and offer more support information within these channels in future.

View the new Discover Nikon portal at: http://www.discovernikon.com

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