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Nikon Launches 3D Image Conversion Service, Announces New 3D Picture Frame

3D technology is clearly gaining popularity among both manufacturers and end-users, and it seems that the current trend shows no signs of slowing down. And the most recent company to jump on the 3D bandwagon is Nikon, which has announced a new 3D image conversion tool for members of its My Picturetown service. Also up for rental from Nikon is a 3D digital picture frame for members to display such converted images.

When Nikon said that they were ‘At the heart of the image’, they sure were not kidding. In addition to launching their new D7000 DSLR, the Japanese optics and imaging giant has got another surprise in store for users of its ‘my Picturetown’ image sharing and hosting service.

According to a press release by Nikon, the company has just launched ‘my Picturetown 3D’, which is a service specially created for registered members. 

my Picturetown 3D will allow users to digitally convert their 2D still images hosted in my Picturetown to 3D equivalents for use on the new NF-300i 3D digital photo frame, which supports viewing of 3D images without the need for 3D glasses.

However, it is the NF-300i digital photo frame which is the real draw of Nikon’s announcement. A look at the official hardware specifications for the NF-300i reveals that the 3D digital photo frame has a 7.2-inch screen which is capable of displaying images at SVGA resolutions (800×600). In addition, 3D display is achieved through the NF-300i’s use of an autostereoscopic screen which makes use of a double-density lenticular lens. Nikon has also confirmed that the NF-300i makes use of an Android base (v 2.1.3) to serve as the device’s operating system. Last but definitely not least, the NF-300i sports 4GB of internal Flash storage, and boasts network connectivity over both wired Ethernet and WiFi (b/g only).

That being said, you might be wondering how a user would be able to get his or her hands on the NF-300i, and where it will be sold. Well, tough luck: Nikon has stated very clearly in both its announcement and its website that the NF-300i is not for sale. Instead, the photo frame will only be available for rental to members of its my Phototown 3D service, which charges a membership fee of 19,950 yen annually or 1,995 yen monthly.

And as the membership fees’ currency implies, my Picturetown 3D is currently a Japan-only service. So no, the NF-300i is not going to find its way to our shores any time soon. One can only hope than Nikon will eventually plan to expand the service to other countries some time in the near future.

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