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Nexus 6 rumored to be no more, LG-backed Android Silver to debut early next year

The once far-fetched suggestions of the Nexus line’s imminent death gain more and more credence by the day, as Android Silver gossip escalates and the future of the purported Nexus 6 handheld looks ominous.


October 2012 brought the epic but short-supplied LG/Google Nexus 4 to light, October 2013 introduced us to the instant classic that we like to call the Nexus 5, so on the face of it, there was no sensible reason to doubt the existence of an N6 and its rollout this fall. Some even said earlier.

Then again, Google works in mysterious ways, unveiling GPE devices when nobody expected them and, apparently, terminating the Nexus program when it finally reached maturity. That’s right, Evleaks says the end is near, really, really near, corroborating early reports themselves triggered by seemingly rock-solid sources.

Only the serial leaker endorses the bleakest scenario of all, claiming the LG G3-based Nexus 6 has been canceled. Or was never real. Either way, software purists need to quench their thirst of “vanilla” Android with the N5 or Google Play Edition phones until next February, when Android Silver shall become official.


Silver, deemed an extension of the GPE project, intends to put near stock Android on top-of-the-line hardware and bring it closer to the masses, via partnerships with major US carriers and retailers. First on the list is Sprint, apparently, tipped to carry a mystery LG handset with a Qualcomm MSM8994 processor inside the hood.

That’s a Snapdragon 810, for the record, built on 64-bit architecture, packing eight cores (four Cortex-A57 and four A53) and paired with an Adreno 430 GPU. Sounds positively dreamy, I know, but keep in mind Android Silver devices are unlikely to come close to Nexuses affordability-wise.

So how about it, mobile geeks and nerds? Do you value cutting-edge performance over affordability or the other way around? Not that you’ll have a choice before long…

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