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Nexus 5 tipped for late October commercial launch, innovative MEMS camera included

Another day, another new Nexus 5 rumor to keep the never-ending speculation game going. Or in the case of today, another bundle of rumors, as the past few hours have seen the reports on availability and features of the next-gen “pure Google phone” downright exploding.

Nexus 5

Where shall we begin? How about with the seemingly thinnest story of all, which at the same time rings true the most? Confusing stuff, I know, but hear me out.

The folks over at Tech Radar claim to have engaged in a little talk with a “source familiar with Google”, which has confirmed Nexus 5’s not too specific ETA: last week of October for both a formal announcement and shipping start.

Needless to say that anyone can pretend to have sources “in the know” without actually talking to someone, which is why this report could be considered thin on proof, but at the same time it all jibes with previous intel of different origins. And besides, we’re not dealing with the word of just any obscure blog, so that’s worth something as well.

Assuming therefore the info is credible, there are hints as to N5’s pricing too, namely that it’ll start at half of what the iPhone 5s goes for… in the UK, i.e. roughly $445 (£275). No idea how it’ll adapt to America, so let’s not even go there.

MEMS camera

Instead, let’s mention the “late October” launch thesis is supported by mobile accessory manufacturer Spigen. The California-based company has put up an Amazon listing for a Google Nexus 5 protective case, which should be in stock come October 31. Pure coincidence? Don’t think so.

Finally, a little bird tells us N5’s rear-facing camera, despite rocking a modest 8 MP sensor, could be quite special. Special how, you ask? By using something called MEMS (microelectromechanical) technology, which in a nutshell intends to greatly improve focus.

I’ll not bore you with the details, but apparently this MEMS snapper will be able to focus seven times faster than conventional cams, being at the same time extremely power efficient. Too bad mediocre f/2.4 aperture and a tiny 1/3.2” sensor are tipped to come along for the ride.

Sources: Tech Radar, Phone Arena, Android Beat, Android World

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