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Nexus 5 shows up in another video, running Jelly Bean and not KitKat?

Google is continuing to slam us with Nexus devices, and, for the most part, we want to see more.  The company recently showed off (accidentally?) what appears to the Nexus 5 in its Android KitKat promo video, and now another video have popped up giving us a better glimpse at what could be people’s next choice of Android toy.


Most reports have already indicated that the Nexus 5 is an LG device sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and a 5+ inch 1080p display.  The hardware’s running mate will likely be Google’s latest Android KitKat OS, but from the video it appears as though the unreleased handset is still flirting with Jelly Bean.

Slated for public consumption late this year, the Nexus 5 will probably have Android KitKat melting under the hood.  Until then, however, we’ll have to just settle for Jelly Bean as what’s running on the handset.

It doesn’t seem like Android 5.0 will drop any time soon, but imagine how much marketing power the Nexus 5 will have if it was released with Android 5?  Regardless of the sweet treats that come with the next Nexus, if Google’s attractive off-contract pricing continues to be what it is, we’re sure no one would care if it’s Jelly Bean or KitKat (or even Honeycomb for that matter) as the OS of choice.

[youtube id=”QPYVbaF1Jmg” width=”620″ height=”360″]

[youtube id=”2yJSYSuyKfY” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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