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Nexus 4 sold out in the U.S.

The Nexus 4 16 GB model is sold out on Google’s Play Store, and sources close to the matter say that it will not be restocked.

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Google announced a $100 price cut for the Nexus 4 in August, which saw the 8 GB version selling out last week. It looks like the 16 GB model has followed suit, and from information gathered by the folks over at The Verge, Google will not restock the Nexus 4 on its Play Store. While the device is available for purchase in other countries, it has been indicated that the inventory will not be restocked once the current batch of devices sell out.

The news comes amid rumors of the Nexus 5, which has been leaked numerous times. The Nexus 5 leaks point to an October 14th launch for the device in the U.S.


Also, the Wi-Fi Certification database listing for the device indicates that there will be two versions, one with a model number LG-D820_S and the other LG-D820_C. The LG-D820 has been confirmed as the model number for the Nexus 5, and is known by codename LG Hammerhead internally. Considering the device comes with Snapdragon 800, all versions of the Nexus 5 should feature LTE. So these model numbers could be for the different internal memory variations the device would come with, which would most likely be 16 GB and 32 GB.

Source: The Verge

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