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Next stop, American glory: ZTE rolls out unlocked Grand S and Nubia 5 stateside

Lenovo is not the only China-based smartphone OEM that’s suddenly interested in branching out and becoming a household name in the industry the other side of the Pacific, as ZTE, already the fourth biggest handheld manufacturer in the world, has just announced a big American push.

ZTE Grand S

Now granted, ZTE is no stranger to the mobile business stateside, recently snatching the fifth place in smartphone sales. But try to find one of their proudest high-enders, with specs and features from this decade, on Uncle Sam’s turf and you’ll fail miserably.

Enter Amazon “and other channels” and wham bam thank you ma’am, here are your desired Grand S and Nubia 5 without having to go through the hassle of international retailers, customs and so on. Or, you know, here they are starting October 16, when the two phones will actually go up for grabs in unlocked, SIM-free flavors.

The thing you have to understand before anything though is the duo is (no longer) the cream of the crop. Some would even call it mid-range, albeit I for one wouldn’t go so far. Bottom line, don’t expect to score a Galaxy S4 killer with ZTE’s logo on it… just yet, but more like a poor man’s flagship.

ZTE Nubia 5

The Grand S, which is set to cost $400, is the more fashionable of the two, measuring an incredibly slim 6.9 mm in thickness. That anorexic figure sadly comes with a few downsides, namely a 1,780 mAh battery that’s not quite up to the task of handling the quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU and 2 gigs of RAM beneath the hood of the Grand S. Or the 5-inch Full HD screen.

Meanwhile, the Nubia 5, which is technically not the same thing as the international Nubia Z5, ups the battery ante to 2,300 mAh, as well as the pricing to $450. Most of the other features are identical to the Grand S, including the panel, processor, RAM, 13 MP rear camera and on-board Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Any takers?

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