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Next generation iPad mini purported rear shell with embedded Apple logo leaked

The purported rear shell of Apple’s much rumored next generation iPad mini has leaked. The part shows off an embedded Apple logo, something which we haven’t seen in previous leaks.


There have already been a few leaks related to the next generation iPad mini. It is expected to retain its design, the only changes people expect Apple to make are under the hood. An embedded Apple logo is seen in these images, this is different from the logo that Apple prints on the back of a lot of its devices such as current iPads, MacBook and even the iMacs. FanaticFone, which leaked these pictures, says that Apple’s logo is now in its own mold that’s implemented in the rear shell.


Just yesterday this same source posts pictures of what it claimed to be the rear housing of the fifth generation iPad. You may notice that these pictures don’t contain the “iPad” and relevant certification markings on the back. Despite the source’s claims that the part is relevant, there exists a possibility that what we see here is actually a prototype of the next generation iPad mini’s rear housing.


The internal design of this part hints at no major changes. Support structures for various components such as the dock connector, speakers, power and volume buttons and the rear facing camera are similar to that of the current iPad mini. As per recent rumors, Apple may announce its new tablet next month.

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