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Next Generation Computing Experience Forum 2011

Have you ever wondered how science has those breakthroughs, like the sequencing of dna or computing weather patterns? Well, it takes a little more than just science it takes raw computing power and that power doesn't come cheap as it requires a lot of resources in terms of manpower and actual electrical power. Imagine the next leap in computing power, the Petaflop may require power from a dedicated nuclear power plant.

What do you get when you put six high profile speakers in the same room to talk about high performance computing? You get a heterogeneous group of minds each with their own ideas on how to make heterogeneous computing work. Each of the six speakers will undoubtedly have their own thoughts on pushing the performance envelope. Would any one of them be right or wrong or is it one of those cases of any answer could be the right one.


The first part of the morning was graced by Dr Marek Michalewicz, Director A*STAR Computational Resource Centre (A*CRC). Dr Marek Michalewicz spoke a little of the history of computing showing off some interesting virtual models from the past and fast forward to the now with a conceptual image rendering of the Next-Generation Supercomputer with 705,024 Cores and requires a whopping 12,659 Kilowatts of power. The computer is the K computer at RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science.



Dr Marek Michalewicz commented that most Super Computing needs are driven by nationalistic requirements and since Singapore does not really have a need driven by Mission Critical Research, Simulation modeling or Complex computations, it is probably the reason why Singapore does not have a Super Computer.


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