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Next-gen Kindle Fires detailed early: higher-res screens, tweaked designs, same low prices

Seeing as Amazon unveiled the first Kindle Fire tab back in September 2011 and the fairly impressive trio of follow-ups one year later, it’s not exactly a stretch to assume we’re but a couple of months away from a few new exciting announcements.

Kindle Fire

However, we’ve only heard a few whispers in regards to the third-gen Fires so far, which is why we were starting to doubt Amazon had plans for this fall. Thankfully, BGR went public with a pretty thorough report starring the next Kindle Fire HDs mere hours ago, so doubts be gone!

According to the publication’s anonymous but usually spot-on sources, Amazon is planning to launch yet another slate trio prior to the holiday season. Nothing surprising there, but here’s where things get really interesting – the low-end member of the new family will essentially be on-par with the current mid-range 7-inch Fire HD, sporting a 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution screen.

Moving up on the food chain, we’ll find another 7-incher, which can be viewed as the logical upgrade over the above mentioned Fire HD. This thing will boast a Full HD panel however, namely one with a 1,920 x 1,200 pix res.


Last but definitely not least, Amazon will bump up the Fire HD 8.9 too, again stepping things up in terms of display resolution. The next-gen 8.9-incher is therefore set to pack a top-notch pixel count, courtesy of a 2,560 x 1,600 panel that will put even Apple’s iPad Retina display to shame.

But wait, there’s more (told you the report was thorough, didn’t I?). Apparently, the upcoming Kindle Fire line-up will tweak a few things in the design department as well, coming with thinner profiles, square corners and power and volume buttons placed on the back.

That last part should allow Amazon to shrink the bezels and, as a logical consequence, the new Fire slates will be considerably lighter than their predecessors.

Sounds wicked, but you haven’t heard the best part yet – despite all these improvements, the Fires should stick to the pricing structure of the second-gen tabs, thus starting at just 160 bucks. Now I’d like to hear Apple fanboys saying their beloved iPads don’t need price cuts.

Via [BGR]

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