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New YouTube Space studio opens in Tokyo for video entrepreneurs

YouTube Space studios are expanding to include a new facility in Tokyo, Japan.  Currently YouTube has studios in London, England and Los Angeles, CA to help serve the needs of video makers, and all free of charge.

Today YouTube is popular as ever and is the de facto, go-to website for news, entertainment or just a search for some how-to video on your favorite dish.  It is truly amazing what creativity people can come up with their videos and many are award winning as well.

Now YouTube wants to reach out to video developers and give them access to better resources in helping to create more professional and dramatic videos for amateurs and professionals alike. They are calling it “YouTube Space”, and its YouTube's way of offering free video recording services in major cities around the globe. 

Just before the 2012 Olympics held in the U.K., YouTube opened up the first Space production studio in London and later that year a second studio in Los Angeles, California.

YouTube creators are welcome to attend workshops or networking opportunities at the YouTube Space LA,” reads YouTube’s Space main website. “From fashion and beauty, to cinematography and screenings of original YouTube productions, workshops and networking events provide many opportunities to improve your channel and content strategy.”

Now the company has opened up a studio in Tokyo, Japan at the Roppongi Hills Complex.  Just like the other facilities, it will be used for free by YouTube’s select partners and it will offer them professional tools, hardware and other advanced recording equipment so that they can get their ideas off the ground with more precision.

Space and times will be limited and YouTube will choose which lucky people get to use the facility.  If you are in the L.A. area, YouTube will begin taking applications beginning this April 1st, 2013. 

For those who get to use the L.A. site, they will get up to three months of production time, which includes all access to the sound stages and of course all of the high-tech camera gear, production and editing and lighting.   The facility has three main studios, a full equipment and props room, screening rooms, a Foley room and edit bays.  Better yet, the studio will also be providing on-demand content as well as live event capabilities.

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