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New Windows 8-optimized Wireless Keyboard by Elecom

The TK-FDP055 is a wireless keyboard developed recently by Elecom. It features a special number pad that can be used as a touch pad by using specific finger gestures.

Now here's a treat for those who still want to fully optimize touch functionality in Windows 8 without always having to reach for your screen while typing. Elecom has just presented their new wireless keyboard, the TL-FDP055, which is designed to be optimized for various Windows 8-exclusive control functions.

The most noticeable feature on the keyboard, as you can see in the image, is its numpad, which is actually also designed as a touch pad. While the buttons work as they would in an ordinary numpad, it can also be used to control a screen mouse pointer, or to scroll and click things within Windows 8's graphical interface. In addition, the touch pad can also receive other special commands based on specific finger gestures. Here are the some of the things that you can do to the numpad of the TL-FDP055:

  • Swipe leftwards to the center to call up the Charm Bar menu
  • Swipe rightwards to the center switch active apps
  • Swipe downwards to the center to open the apps bar
  • Pinch to zoom in/out
  • Swipe sideways using three fingers to flip between webpages
  • Swipe upwards from the center with three fingers to open the Computer menu

Unlike the some other Windows 8 optimized keyboards though, the configuration for its input "system" is actually more of a typical desktop-use wireless keyboard than an all-rounder mobile keyboard. It does not send input via Bluetooth, but instead it uses a wireless receiver that is plugged into the main unit's full USB port. This can be a hassle to some mobile Windows 8 units, but is thankfully not a problem for Microsoft's flagship tablet unit.

The dimensions of the unit are set at 369 x 124 x 24 mm, and weighs 442 grams. It uses two AA batteries, which it can typically use for up to 4 months. The frequency of the wireless signal is at 2.4 Ghz and maximum use distance is 10 meters, though it shortens to 3 meters when used within a nearby magnetic field. Even though it's optimized for Windows 8, it can also be used for Windows XP, Vista and 7 (albeit without the touch functions).

The release of the TL-FDP055BK (black version) in Japan is scheduled to be around December of this year. It will be priced at 8431 yen (107 USD).

Source: PCWatch (JP), Elecom (JP)

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