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New Vine for iOS update brings redesigned camera, channels, revining and more

Vine has updated its official iOS app today, adding a host of new features such as an improved camera UI, channels and the ability to revine videos.


This Vine update comes two weeks after Instagram unveiled its new Video on Instagram feature. Since its launch, there have been many reports circulating online that claim Vine’s popularity has been severely damaged by Instagram’s own short video offering. Nevertheless Vine, a product of Twitter, is continuing to build the feature set it offers to users. This latest update is testament to that fact.

Since the camera has now been redesigned, it comes with new grid and focus tools that make shooting videos easier. Calling it their greatest iOS update yet, Vine explains another feature of this app called Protected Posts. Basically its a privacy control that lets users decide who can see their posts on Vine, only people approved to follow a user will be able to see their Vine posts. Revine is also a new addition, its similar to retweet, and let’s users share someone else’s Vine post with their own followers in just one tap.

Fifteen channels have also been added to the app to which users can submit their posts, and these channels can also be browsed from the Explore screen. Each channel has its own feed and Popular feed, providing users an intuitive way of discovering new content on Vine. All these features will be added to the Android app next week.

You can download the new Vine update for iOS now from iTunes App Store.

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