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New Uncharted game revealed!

A new Uncharted game has just received classification, meaning the adventures of Nathan Drake aren't over quite yet. However, what little we know of the new title suggests some strange features. This may be a very different Uncharted.

Both the Australian and Brazilian classification board, have just released classification for a game called "Uncharted: Fight for Fortune", suggesting to fans of the series that they'll see more of Nathan Drake in the future. There is yet little information about the game, but the classification board has revealed some interesting, and puzzling facts.

Screenshot from Uncharted 3's plane crash scene


First, the game is not being developed by Sony's first party developer Naughty Dog, or by Sony Bend Studios, who handled the development of Uncharted's Playstation Vita game "Golden Abyss". Instead, the game will be developed by One Loop Games. One Loop is a third party developer who has had releases for, among others, PSN and XBLA . They've been involved in the development of console games like The Sabatour as well.One Loop Games does have a prior relationship with Sony as well, as they've worked on both God of War: Betrayal and Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.

Another interesting fact about the new game is that it's classified in Australia as having no adult themes, nudity or sex; and very mild violence and drug use. Uncharted usually involves quite a bit of violence and at least a few instances of adult themes, so it is strange that this game has such a mild classification. Accompanying this, the Brazilian classification board has listed it as a "casino/card game". We may be looking at a very different Uncharted.


The Australian classification page for the new game


Apart from this, the classification reveals little else, though it does issue the warning "Experience may change online", so it's safe to assume a multiplayer mode is in the works. We'll have to wait and see for further information.

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