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New study shows that videogame piracy numbers have been exaggerated

A study conducted by three people from different schools has shown that although the rate of piracy is quite high for videogames, numbers reported by those in the industry have been exaggerated.

Piracy has always been a controversial topic when discussing all aspects of entertainment, and that includes videogames. Although it’s undeniable that games are being pirated in large numbers, there has always been a bit of a debate on the accuracy of the figures, and the ultimate impact they have on the industry or on a specific title.

A new study conducted by three individuals from different educational institutions (University of Waterloo, Aalborg University, and Copenhagen Business School) has shed light on the rate of piracy and which games were being affected the most. By analyzing 12.6 million unique users on BitTorrent, which covered various gaming platforms, they were able to conclude after the three months of studying that the top 10 most popular games comprised of 41.5% of the total amount of videogame piracy. In fact, the titles that were pirated the most were those with the highest scores on aggregate.
What they are ultimately discussing with this study is the propensity of those in the industry to report exaggerated numbers on piracy in a biased manner in hopes to reduce it and maximize profits. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the games being pirated most are the most popular already, or are those that have ratings that would make it difficult for someone below a certain age to purchase legally. In the end they admit that the numbers are indeed very high, but still exaggerated by others.
For more detail and analysis, go ahead and read the rest of the study here.
Via: Polygon

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