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New Splinter Cell planned for Xbox One and PS4

After Splinter Cell: Blacklist which is coming this August, Splinter Cell fans can still expect more Sam Fisher on the two major next-gen gaming consoles.

It’s been three years since we saw Sam Fisher stealth around in Splinter Cell: Conviction and it looks like we will see him again this August in Blacklist. In even better news, we’ll see him in higher definition with Ubisoft’s Scott Lee confirming that they will continue the series onto next-gen consoles.

Scott Lee, the Art Director for their next title Splinter Cell: Blacklist, has stated in an interview with Arabic Games, that Ubisoft are already working on the next-gen systems. Lee said “Sam Fisher and Splinter Cell [are] a big and very important franchise for Ubisoft, and yes they do support the franchise”.  The previous two Splinter Cell titles, Conviction and Double Agent, each sold more than half a million copies each and Lee acknowledges that “Ubisoft are supporting” the series.

Scott is aware that it’s a no-brainer that Ubisoft are already working on the PS4 and Xbox One saying, “obviously we’re working very hard on current-gen systems and we’re super excited that we’re going to be across all platforms”. However, there will be a lot of work involved with getting there, with Scott noting “there are a lot of plans in the works” but that he can’t talk about it “at the moment.”

To put it simply from Scott, “Sam will be back.”

We already know that Ubisoft have big plans for next-gen as Jade Raymond told Polygon Ubisoft Toronto have already five unannounced titles in the works, including a brand new Assassin’s Creed title. The future for Ubisoft is looking brighter and brighter with it’s domination last year with titles such as Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed 3, but Splinter Cell: Blacklist could be the bread winner this year.

via Polygon

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