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New sources confirm 12-inch Apple and Samsung tablets, but are they coming this year?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell timing is everything when it comes to launching a new tech product, especially one that intends to create a fresh niche or target a part of the audience never targeted before.


So considering it’s no longer a big secret both Apple and Samsung are working on larger than the norm iPads and Galaxy tabs, the question is which of the two will be the first to roll out the actual end product.

Sadly, Digitimes, the online publication that puts the rumor wheels in motion again, is in no position to confirm any ETAs for the… iPad Maxi (?) and… Galaxy Note 12.2 (?). Yet it is exactly this reluctance that seems to confirm a key nugget of information: both slates might have been pushed back to next year.

After all, the website is infamous for taking gambles with suppositions and not being afraid of jumping to conclusions ahead of time, so there must be a reason why their latest report is characterized by vagueness.

iPad Maxi

On a somewhat unrelated note, it appears Samsung had pretty copious plans for its alleged first 12.2-incher, which was intended (for a second) as a gigantic addition to the Google Nexus family. Only Big G refused to take the risks that would’ve undoubtedly come with adopting such an uncommon form factor and chose to continue to focus going forward mostly on 7-inch products.

Chances are Samsung was forced to regroup and rethink its marketing strategy following the refusal, which may just be the number one reason the 12-inch Galaxy is not landing in time for 2013’s holiday season.


As for Apple’s jumbo-sized iPad, tipped to sport an even larger 12.9-inch screen, the name Quanta is again mentioned as a major supplying partner, both for this particular project and the oft-rumored iWatch.

As I’m sure you already know, Apple is a mere week or so away from unveiling a 9.7-inch iPad 5 and 7.9-inch iPad Mini 2, so it’s only following that event that we can seriously start talking about the possibility of an iPad Maxi. Bottom line, I’m afraid we’ll have to continue playing the waiting game.

Source: Digitimes

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