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New sources claim Apple currently testing large iPhone 5c succesor, 4.9-inch iPhone 6

Apple may have hesitated to go big with iPhone 5’s 2013 successors, but there’s apparently no way out of it for the 2014 iPhone duo, which is tipped to considerably push the size envelope at long last.


How far will Cupertino go? Truth be told, no one knows and no one can know for sure for at least a few more months. After all, even the most optimistic pundits are pegging the iPhone 6 launch for spring 2014, whereas a fall rollout is not completely out of the question either. Not yet.

With certainty thus bound to be the word du jour for the foreseeable future, all we can do is round up the iPhone 6 speculation and reports that ring true the most and hope for the best.

The latest word around the street? The iPhone 5s follow-up, likely to be dubbed iPhone 6, will sport a 4.9-inch display, while the yet to be titled sequel for the “unapologetically” plastic 5c is to take things up a notch too. Possibly around the 4.5-inch mark. Or, who knows, maybe to 4.9 as well.


What’s clear, at least to sometimes-reliable-sometimes-not Chinese website CTech, is the 4.9-inch next-gen iPhone is “in testing”. The thing is, for all we know, Apple may be dabbling with several different form factors at the time, especially if they’re not planning a release until next October or so. Or until next June.

As for the elephant in the room, pricing, an analyst by the name Chris Caso suspects Apple “could get away with a $50 to $100 premium for a larger screen size iPhone 6”. Provided that will be valid both on and off-contract, the 4.9-incher might cost as much as $300 with pacts in a 16 GB-equipped version. Hmm, sounds a little on the expensive side, doesn’t it? Wrap-around display (as pictured above) or no wrap-around display.

Sources: Unwired View, C Tech, All Things D

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