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New screenshots show off GTA V PC graphics in 4K resolution


After breaking the bad news about yet another delay in the release of GTA V for the PC platform, Rockstar Games today shared some new screenshots of the game that show off the kind of graphics you expect on the PC platform, at 4K resolution.

The screenshots show off the enhanced visuals compared to the console versions of the game that have been available for about two years now. We see that the graphics now show more detail and have smoother textures than before, giving the game an impressive look. So all of you out there who have been concerned if Rockstar will be able to do a good job with the GTA V port for PC can now rest assured that the PC version of the game will be as impressive as you expect.


Judging by the screenshots shared today, it looks like Rockstar Games has been doing a great job so far. So unlike the GTA IV, the GTA V PC port should be quite impressive and seeing the fantastic graphics, the delay does seem acceptable if it means Rockstar can make the game experience even better and get rid of any minor bugs.


GTA V for PC will now be coming out on April 14th, while the GTA Online heists will debut on March 10.

Source: Rockstar Blog

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