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New report claims Samsung Galaxy S6 will not feature a full-metal design


Ever since the first Galaxy S6 rumors started doing the rounds, everyone has been excited about the prospect of seeing an all-metal design on the next Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphone. If you are one of the many who were expecting a full-metal design similar to the Galaxy A-series smartphones on the Galaxy S6, a new report coming from Korea may disappoint you.

A report published on Korea’s DDaily online publication claims that the Samsung Galaxy S6 may not come with a full-metal design as many are expecting. Instead, the Galaxy S6 is said to come with a metal frame like on the Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Note 4, with a glass front and back panel. That’s similar to what we have seen on a number of popular devices such as the Apple iPhone 4/4s, Google Nexus 4 and Sony’s Xperia Z series flagship smartphones. Thanks to the glass front and back design, the battery on the Galaxy S6 is said to be non-removable. If the report is indeed accurate, the Galaxy S6 will be the first Samsung flagship smartphone to come with a non-removable battery.

While it may seem strange that Samsung would go with full-metal construction for its mid-range Galaxy A-series lineup and not its flagship smartphone, it could be due to the low production yields for the full-metal casings. While it might be okay for Samsung to manage with lower than expected volumes for the mid-range A-series, limited supply of the Galaxy S6 will obviously be disastrous for the company. The report actually states that Samsung wishes to differentiate the Galaxy S6 from the mid-range A-series models by employing the metal and glass combination for the S6.

What are your thoughts on this new report? Would you prefer a metal and glass combination design over a full-metal one?

Source: Ddaily




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