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Razer launched their all new Razer Phone (creative, I know) smartphone today at a press conference in San Francisco. Their first foray into the smartphone sector doesn’t come as a surprise after their acquisition of boutique smartphone manufacturer, Nextbit, earlier this year. The new Razer Phone’s specs reads like a Christmas list and here’s all the important bits.

The all new Razer Phone


The Razer Phone will ship with a 5.7″ QHD 2560x1440p 120Hz IGZO LCD Display. Yep, that’s right, the biggest calling card of the new display is Razer’s Ultramotion 120Hz display that comes standard. Ultramotion synchronises the GPU and display to improve battery life and reduce screen tear when playing games.


Following their acquisition of THX, it’s no surprise that Razer has decided to fit some good speakers on their phone. The Razer Phone sports dual front-facing (yay) speakers powered by Dolby Atmos and certified by THX. This comes with the caveat of some truly massive bezels that look pretty ungainly. The included headphones are also claimed to be of audiophile quality with a 24-bit DAC and is also certified by THX. Also note that despite being a giant, aluminium rectangle the Razer Phone lacks a headphone jack too and has opted for the digital USB Type-C approach.


As with every other smartphone these days, the Razer Phone uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 8GB of RAM. Razer has boldly claimed that it’s got the best thermal performance in a smartphone. It also comes with a 4,000mAh battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ that Razer says can support 7 hours of Hearthstone gameplay. The Phone ships with 64GB of storage with a MicroSD expansion slot for your storage needs. Interestingly, it’ll only run Android 7.1.1 at launch with Oreo coming in Q1 2018.


Razer has fitted the Phone with dual 12MP rear-facing cameras that rock a seamless zoom feature between their two focal lengths so you don’t get a hard switch between the two cameras like in the iPhone. Additional features like portrait mode will roll out later. It’s also got an 8MP front-facing camera which isn’t anything special.


The Razer Phone is available for preorder now at razerzone.com at USD$699 and will start shipping on Nov 17. No word yet on it’s availability here in Singapore though.

Razer’s also put a fingerprint sensor on the power button which makes sense ergonomically but we’ll have to see whether or not it really works once we get a review unit. And that’s the thing with the Razer Phone, while the specs are right up there, there wasn’t much in the keynote nor in what they told us that gives us much confidence in Razer’s new product. The design is uninspiring to say the least with it’s gigantic bezels. Min Liang Tan said they wanted it to look totally different to its competitors which they’ve ungracefully achieved. At least the Razer Rectangle has got a few cool features such as the speakers and big battery. We’ll definitely have to wait and see this one for ourselves.


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