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New poll results indicate American consumers favor Sony’s PS4 over the Xbox One


A new poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos indicates that American shoppers favor Sony’s PlayStation 4 than Microsoft’s Xbox One. The poll itself collected data from a limited range of respondents across varying ages via an online survey held from Sept. 23 – 27, and the results fell in line with the general

When prompted to choose their next-gen console preference, 26% out of the 1297 people surveyed selected the Sony’s PS4 contender, whereas 15% chose the Xbox One.

Out of 408 people under the age of 40, a whopping 41% opted in for the PlayStation 4 versus the 27% that favored the Xbox One

For months now Sony has garnered a prestigious amount of critical acclaim from consumers and gamers across the globe, and their next-gen console has gained momentum since it was announced back in February of this year.

Microsoft’s next-gen crusade hasn’t gone so smoothly; their campaign has been interspersed with conflict, and although the company has back-pedaled on a number of its unpopular and hotly-contested policies, many gamers are still dubious about the Xbox One.


Both consoles come with impressive capabilities and features, and each have their own unique functions to set them apart from one another; however the PS4 is $100 cheaper and that may be enough to widen the gap in Sony’s favor.

Some respondents shared their opinions on the consoles they’ve elected to purchase; Christopher Turner, a 26-year-old gamer, said Microsoft “couldn’t make up their mind and Sony hasn’t wavered from the beginning,” and that “the PlayStation 4 is for both hardcore and casual gamers.”

Turner’s stance falls in line with the general perception of Microsoft’s handling of the Xbox One–as we’ve seen the company flounder and constantly shift their focus multiple times, albeit for good reason, as to meet popular demand. Sony has set to define their console by directly rivaling their contender and making a more games-oriented system, something that Microsoft’s Xbox One wasn’t perceived to incorporate.

XB1 vs PS4

56-year-old Jon Leigh, who isn’t a hardcore gamer but is no stranger to the virtual realm, believes that Xbox fans will remain loyal to the brand:

“People who use Microsoft products will continue to use them,” he said. Leigh has opted for the Xbox One as he’s more familiar with the Xbox brand than the PlayStation.

Both sides hold merit, and assuredly both systems will continue to impress long after their respective holiday 2013 release. The next-gen war has the realm of console gaming divided, and the war will rage on and on as both the PS4 and Xbox One are evaluated, tested, and–most importantly–played coming this November.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 releases on Nov. 15, 2013 for a price point of $399, whereas Microsoft’s Xbox One releases a week later on Nov. 22, 2013 for $499.

Via Reuters

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