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New Moto X, Moto Hint and second batch of Moto 360 units coming September 16

While Apple is battling various component shortages, and Samsung remains vague for the most part regarding Galaxy Note 4 and Gear S availability, Motorola is all about walking the walk, not talking the talk.

Moto X 2014

You must admit, for a company on the verge of a buyout, Motorola looks mighty stable and focused. One of the major unsung heroes of the early September mobile announcement bonanza, they may not have the marketing budgets of their rivals, but word of mouth should still be enough to turn the second-gen Moto X and G handhelds, plus the 360 smartwatch into box-office hits.

Sleeper hits, at worst, since in the long haul, the quality-pricing ratio of the smartphone pair and the pizazz of the wearable piece could well prevail over advertising hoopla. Great turnarounds are also known to help, and the 2014 Moto X can certainly compete for some kind of crown in that department.

Brought to light less than two weeks back, the highly customizable 5.2 incher goes up for pre-orders this Tuesday, September 16, in a version designed specifically for AT&T, as well as in a “Pure Edition”. The latter is an off-contract, SIM-free $499.99 KitKat-running slab with an unlockable bootloader available out the box for tinkering enthusiasts.

Moto 360

Meanwhile, the Moto 360, which encountered more than one setback these past few months, is getting a do-over and second chance to shine. The same day the second-gen X rolls out, a new batch of 360s will become available online, via motorola.com, although we’re guessing these won’t last long either.

Still, it kind of puts the whole “waiting until next year for the Apple Watch” thing in perspective, doesn’t it? Not to mention, in my book, the 360 is so much handsomer than its pricey rival.


Speaking of wearables, the Moto Hint, marketed as a whole new breed of wireless headset, is on its way to store shelves too, with the same September 16 date as an ETA. Too bad the fairly prohibitive $149.99 price tag is so inflexible.

Last but not least, Motorola will offer its (remaining) fans a groundbreaking fast-charging mobile solution, namely the Turbo Charger, for $34.99. The thing can be paired with X and Gs, and promises to juice smartphones up with 8 hours’ worth of autonomy in just 15 minutes. Boy, did Lenovo get an awesome deal when convincing Google to offload Moto.

Source: Motorola Blog

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