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New leaked info suggests ‘GTA V’ is coming to PC this holiday season


Millions of PC gamers around the world have been looking foward to Rockstar’s crime-filled juggernaut Grand Theft Auto V to be released onto the PC market. The company’s current trend with the Grand Theft Auto series points to a PC release after the initial console launch, but that waiting period is frustrating for a good portion of the gaming sphere.

The PC gaming community has rallied for their cause with online petitions and countless forum posts, and we’ve even seen evidence of a PC port in GTA V‘s leaked code that all-but-confirms a PC release. Gamers know that it’s coming, but there’s that age-old question of when: could it be a few weeks, or a few months?

Some online retailers have apparently listed release dates for GTA V on PC that point to a late November/early December launch.


The first leak comes by way of the UK-based retailer GameSeek which lists a release on Nov. 22, 2013. GameSeek is also taking pre-orders for the version, and shows a pic of the game’s cover art that depicts that GTA V‘s PC port appears to be part of Microsoft’s Games for Windows LIVE.

The second leak is another online retailer based in the UK called Zavvi, who is also taking pre-orders and lists the game for a release on Dec. 6, 2013–just a short time after GameSeek’s timeframe.


While this information hasn’t been officially confirmed it must remain speculation, however the dates may hold credence to the general holiday 2013 release for GTA V on PC. Of course it’s always possible that these dates may be placeholders, but if that were the case they’d likely match an exact date.

Rockstar has already gleaned substantial profit from their console juggernaut, and the game will likely dominate the PC market as well. With Sony’s and Microsoft’s respective next-gen consoles releasing this November, a holiday release for the game is a great time for Rockstar to jump onto the PC market as many console gamers will be occupied with their new consoles.

It will be interesting to see how both platforms compare against one another in terms of graphics, game mechanics, and other integral gameplay elements as there have been notable differences between PC and console ports of Grand Theft Auto games. That is always the case for any game compared across different platforms, though, and Rockstar will no-doubt utilize the PC platform’s advantageous qualities to provide an incredible experience nonetheless.

Hopefully Rockstar will also deliver the spec requirements for GTA V next month or so–considering the game is indeed slated for a holiday 2013 launch–to let gamers prepare their rigs.

One could only wonder how demanding the game will be, but based on the impressive graphical performance of the console port, we might see some high requirements.

Grand Theft Auto V is now available in stores for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. For more information be sure to check our recent coverage or visit the game’s official website.

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