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New Japanese toy allows users to make music…via physical contact with other people

Granted, calling this a 'consumer electronic device' is going to be a stretch but hey, it does make for a decent novelty to have in parties. Apparently, a toy known as the Ningen Gakki has been produced by Takara Tomy which, when held by four different people, allows for some musical indulgence by simple touching the other party physically. Definitely good for getting all touchy-feely with friends, no?

Physically touching people for the fun of it is definitely not the kind of thing any sane person should attempt to do under most typical situations, and for very good reasons. However, one must remember that certain social norms do not apply in Japan, and this latest toy from Takara Tomy definitely fits the bill in this aspect.

At first glace, the Ningen Gakki appears to be nothing more than a squashed plastic humanoid with four holes located at its limbs. However, that is where the Ningen Gakki's draw lies: inside each hole is a special diode designed to be held by a human being (or any large enough lifeform, we believe). And when that is done, users can apparently start making some music by simply touching each other, as shown in the short video clip below.

Needless to say, the NIngen Gakki is definitely going to be one of the more desirable party toys to have, especially where children are concerned. Alternatively, parents could also give it to their kids and enjoy a few days of peace while the inquisitive children tire themselves out with attempting to find out what makes the Ningen Gakki tick. Unfortunately, no details about the toy have been released yet, so its retail price and expected launch date is still a mystery to all.

Source: TokyoTek

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