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New iPhone Apps On App Store (6 Sep 2010)

Fotopedia Heritage

For those of you who are using an iPhone, you may be interested in these iPhone apps – fotopedia Heritage, Spider Man: Total Mayhem, EpicWin, etc . Oh, did we mention they are new on the App store?

Create cubist portraits with your fingers from photos and images in your photo library. We love creating multilayered collages, placing ourselves in the company of Picasso and Braque.

Fracture – James Alliban
Entertainment – US$0.99

“Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can…” Capturing the arachnid action and unique humour of the original TV series, enjoy beating up bad guys in free-flowing fights. Master combos, unlock classic comic cells and battle super villains such as Venom and Sandman all in sleek graphics that pay homage to Stan Lee’s original comics.

Spider Man: Total Mayhem – Gameloft
Games – US$6.99

Turn your life into an epic battle against the daily grind and the bore of chores. Half role playing game, half todo list, EpicWin represents the tasks you have set yourself as quests, with every completed task giving you experience points to level-up your character and acquire much sought-after loot.

EpicWin – Supermono Limited
Productivity – US$2.99

Train away with this personal trainer for your pocket. Over 300 clearly explained exercises mean that you can quickly and easily dispel monotony and mix up your workout routine – in the immortal words of French outfit Daft Punk: “Harder, faster, better, stronger…”

iFitness – Medical Productions
Health & Fitness – US$1.99

Fotopedia Heritage offers you a beautiful way to navigate and discover stunning imagery from over 800 UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the globe. If something in particular catches your eye, you’ll be just one click away from TripAdvisor travel information for the place you’re interested in.  This title was so great we’ve made it our App of the Week, its also available for iPad.

Fotopedia Heritage
Travel – FREE

Meet Alan – a cute little blob of a guy who needs your help to guide him to safety through a bunch of hungry NOMS (who happen to have an appetite for cute little blobs named Alan).

Escape from Nom – Glu
Games – FREE

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