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New Grand Theft Auto V screenshots leaked

Twenty new screenshots for Rockstar's upcoming Grand Theft Auto V have been leaked onto the internet after a recent slip up, adding to the already robust collection of in-game screens.

The new wave of imagery depicts GTA V's environments in a new light and refreshes the visual spectacle of the game's many areas.

Rockstar Games has recently slipped up by accidentally uploading a batch of new GTA V screenshots onto their site, which were meant to stay under wraps until their official release date. Although the screenshots were only up for a short while, all of them were screen-grabbed and uploaded to ImgUr.

The grandeur of nightlight in Los Santos isn't without its fair share of dastardly deeds; one of our protagonists, Michael, is no doubt planning some nefarious criminal activity…or maybe he's just calling his wife.

The twenty screenshots explore the game's robust vistas, taking viewers on a scenic journey that encapsulates Los Santos as a whole; from Vinewood's sprawling skyscapes to the heart of the city's neon-lit night life, the new pictures go a long way in accentuating the visual splendor of the upcoming release.

Lightning arcs across the night sky and thunder roils; a storm is brewing in Vinewood.

Each screenshot delivers something new, and following Rockstar's recent GTA V gameplay demo that debuted yesterday, the screens provide a nice chunk of GTA goodness to chew over in the meantime.

What could only be our dedicated criminal triumvirate sporting stylish masks and coveralls in what appears to be a nod to Point Blank's infamous president masks.

The leaked screens also feature what appears to be our three-man crew of protagonists wearing stylish heist masks inspired by Point Break, adding Rockstar's stylish flavor into the mix. The environment snaps are impressive as well, and what collection of GTA screens would be complete without mini-guns, rocket launchers and high-speed chases?

Helicopters and sprawling skyscapes are what gamers can expect in GTA V; the scenic view stretches all the way to Vinewood's iconic hillside signs.

Be sure to take a gander at the full gallery over at ImgUr for the rest of the screenshots as well as the three newly released character trailers that take a closer look at the game's three-man crew: Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

Grand Theft Auto V is slated for release on Sep. 17, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more information please visit the game's official website.

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