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New filehosting service “Mega” has ways of avoiding another raid

Kim Dotcom, creator of Megaupload, is back with his new file hosting service, Mega. Unlike Megaupload, Mega will be safe from raids due to it's "ironclad safe harbors"

"Mega" is the name of the replacement for Megaupload, the file hosting service which was shut down by the US government not too long ago. The founder of both services, Kim Dotcom, explains that what he refers to as "Ironclad safe harbors" will protect Mega from the same fate that befell it's predecessor.

Kim Dotcom, founder of Mega

Every file which is uploaded to Mega will be encrypted; be it a video file, software or text. Only the uploader will be given this key, and it is up to this person to decide who gets the key and who can view the content. It all boils down to accountability: Since the encryption key is not actually stored with Mega, it is impossible for Mega to find out what kind of data is stored on their servers. In turn, this means Mega can't be held responsible for it's users' actions.

In essence, governments should not be able to come after Mega, because the centralized service has no idea what's being stored on their servers. Dotcom believes that the only way this would be illegal is if encryption itself was illegal. A few weeks back, we reported on Dotcom's announcement via twitter that the new Megaupload would be unstoppable, and it seems like this may indeed be the case.

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