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New fibre broadband provider MyRepublic offers no-contract, optimized Internet experience to users


There's a new fibre broadband provider in Singapore, MyRepublic, which claims to be purpose-built for consumers to optimally utilize the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN) in their homes. Best of all, you can sign up without being bound by contractual agreement.

Malcolm Rodrigues, CEO and co-founder of MyRepublic, said that they are seeing alot of users who are finding their own online content often for free, and have developed a habit of watching what they want and when they want. The problem with this is they are continuing to use the telcos' networks, and these networks are not purpose-built for these new applications – streaming videos, online gaming etc; they are built for surfing and email.

"As part of the Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015) plan, the Singapore Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN) was born. It's fibre to the homes, schools and businesses, and fast connectivity of minimum 100Mbps everywhere. And more importantly, at affordable prices. Three years ago, if you want a 100Mbps connection, you pay over S$2,000 a month for it; today, the service to the average user is under S$100."

"Here, we have the first (and the best) National broadband network in the world, and the incumbents are not doing anything with it. MyRepulic (we) are the first service provider that is purpose-built for the NBN. We don't offer DSL, coaxial services; we offer fibre-based services. We are offering National broadband services that are tuned to the new requirements of the Internet, building specific connectivity for specific applications. This means if you're trying to watch a streaming Korean drama serial at night, there is no buffering or lag time; if you're playing an online game at night, you will have a competitive edge over your opponent with a better network and experience", Rodrigues said.

MyRepublic claims to have tuned the network to optimize all traffic flows; guaranteed performance of 4Mbps even at peak hours; there's no International caps, and offer personalized experience for each customer. There are three packages MyRepublic offers – Pure, Gamers and Tutor. If you like to stream, you can go for Pure package (S$59/month), which gives the guaranteed capacity. if you're a gamer, there is a separate network built for Gamers (S$69/month) that is low latency. MyRepulic has partnered with some local providers to create the Tutor package(S$89/month) that is an online tutorial exam preparation tool and website. Children can get tutorial services for Mathematics, Science, English and Chinese through a premium broadband experience.

According to Rodrigues, tte first 100,000 subscribers can sign up for the Pure plan with the option of no contract, but terms and conditions apply – there is a standard service activation charge of S$128.40, with all one-time charges set out in Service Application Form. The standard cancellation charge is S$48.15, and within the first 6 months from service activation, service cancellation requires 30 days notice. If you choose to sign a two-year contract on Pure plan, you only need to pay S$9.90 for the first six months, and subsequent S$59 for the rest of the 18 months.

To sign up, you can go online to their website, call them, or approach one of the 57 dealers that are located island-wide. MyRepublic is looking to build the number of dealers to 500 by the end of the year.

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