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New display printing technique allows anyone to make flashy gadgets


A new form of personal ‘display printing’ technique could revolutionize the gadget industry, as we know it.

Saarbrucken computer scientists have developed a new method for printing out customized displays on just about any materials using a special type of electroluminescent ink. The ink lights up when an electric current is applied, but what makes it especially appealing is people can print out their own displays using just about any conventional inkjet printer.

“So far, nothing like this has been possible,” claimed Simon Olberling, a researcher on the team. “Displays were produced for the masses, never for one individual.”

According to the team, people can print out displays in just about any shape and sizes using one of two methods—the first being manual application of the ink onto a surface, and the second using an inkjet printer. Mechanical printing produces a high-resolution display in just a few minutes. The cost of printing an entire page of standard printing paper will set DIY’ers just around 20 Euros.

Depending on the design and application methods, the displays are purportedly touch-capable as well.

“And if we combine our approach with 3D-printing, we can print three-dimensional objects, which are able to display information and respond to touch as well,” said Olberling.

[youtube id=”LiD7dnqY034″]

Source: Saarland University

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