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New details on Intel’s ‘Skylake’ revealed

Leaked internal slides shed some more light on Intel’s next architecture and chipset.


VR-Zone Chinese got its hands on some internal Intel slides over the weekend which shed some light on Intel’s upcoming Skylake platform, and the successor to the 9-series chipset (Z97 and H97) launching soon.

Skylake will use Intel’s 100-series PCH which means backwards compatibility with the 9-series chipset will be unlikely. It will come in H, Y, U and S variants all geared towards a different use case. Like Intel chips before it, the H variant will be geared towards notebooks; Y will be for mainstream compact desktops and All-in-Ones; U for ultra-low power instances like Ultrabooks; S for standard socketed LGA on the PC.


For connectivity Skylake contain a variety of controllers, depending on the desired configuration. There’s everything available from WiFi+Bluetooth with “Snow Peak” to WiFi+Bluetooth+Wigig with “Douglas Peak”, to standalone Wigig, LTE, or GPS/Glonass navigation. Users that need Thunderbolt connectivity will have the option to use the new Alpine Ridge controller while Intel’s Jacksonville controller will provide Ethernet connectivity.

Obviously Skylake will be targeted towards a variety of use cases and platforms as Intel plans to diversify its customer base to go beyond traditional vendors.

Expect more details on Skylake later this year, along with an official announcement from Intel.

With files from VR-Zone Chinese.


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