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New Cooler Master lineup at Computex 2016

Cooler Master have unveiled their new expanded line-up up computer cases, building on the new company motto adopted in 2015: ‘Make It Yours.’ These new cases are completely modular in design, as well as coming in a variety of sizes and colours to better reflect style choices.


As building your own PC has become more popular and more accessible in recent years, Cooler Master is making the most of this, with Global Marketing Directer Raymen Wu stating, “The response we are getting from the community has shown that people resonate with the notion of creating something unique to them. This year that maker spirit is coming to life across our product portfolio and in the new ways we support the creative endeavors of the community.”


The two new lines of cases, named MasterBox and MasterCase 5, are designed with the idea of being nearly completely swappable. Cooler Master are making the most of the concept of being your own master, as just about every new module, accessory and design feature sold by the company have the title ‘Master,’ and are designed so that every case is designed just how the user wants.

It’s not just aesthetic touches that are customisable, as these new cases can be fitted with a wide variety of thermal and power solutions, which Cooler Master provides. Cooler Master says that, “The second version of Cooler Master’s innovation platform, MasterConcept 2.0, has made strides towards a completely modular case that has no defined form or function other than that created by its user.”

Those on the lookout for new cases for their customised gaming rigs should be sure to check out this new lineup of modular cases.

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