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New Asus PadFone Infinity gets pictured, coming with Snapdragon 800 at IFA

When it rains, it pours. Rumors of an Asus PadFone Infinity sequel were timidly floating around a couple of months ago, though there was no mention of such a thing in that leaked roadmap from early August, and now the mysterious gadget has at last exploded into the mainstream media.


Mind you, the A86, or T004, as it’s known internally, is not yet official, but it might as well be, following a benchmark listing, an apparent confirmation of its market name and a high-quality photo leak.

Okay, where shall we start? Let’s get the name thing out of the way, since it’s not that important. Apparently, the Snapdragon 800-powered PadFone Infinity will simply be called “The new PadFone Infinity”. Wow, how original! Not to mention catchy.


Anyways, let’s now take a look at the batch of photos unearthed by ePrice, which seem to showcase a white new Infinity next to a black old one. Notice anything different? The bezels appear to be ever so slightly thicker and the phone on the whole may be a little narrower. But no, there’s nothing inherently different about the new Padfone Infinity’s design.

On the bright side, there does appear to be microSD support on the upcoming fourth-gen PadFone, which was something terribly missed on its predecessor. And don’t forget, the big upgrade is due in the hardware department, where a quad-core S800 CPU clocked at 2.2 GHz will run the show.

PadFone Infinity pink

To end on a stylish note and kind of off topic, a snazzy pink (purple?) variant of the A80 (aka old PadFone Infinity) has been caught on film, likely readying its dapper clothes for an IFA showing next week alongside the Snapdragon 800-based new Infinity. So will it be style or speed for you? Oh, who am I kidding, the PadFone line needs a miracle (and a heavy price cut) for the world to know it exists.

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