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New Apple TV set-top box likely coming in September, TV service shelved for now

Bloomberg seems to further lend credence to a prospective September 9 Apple event in San Francisco, where just one unremarkable TV-centric product could see daylight.

Apple TV

Even though iPhones and Macs continue to oppose declining handheld and PC market trends, posting impressive and respectable sales figures respectively, Tim Cook knows full well a time of slump is right around the corner.

Already, “traditional” iPads are about to go the way of the dodo, with a jumbo-sized Pro model unlikely to rectify the family’s downward spiral. A diversification effort beyond mainstream industry segments may boost the titan’s financial health in the long run, as smartwatches slowly soar.

The next step in Cupertino’s branching-out strategy is reportedly an affordable TV service delivered online and blending together live and on-demand content. Sounds like the best of both worlds, and something to give chills to Comcast and Netflix, but there’s a problem.

Several of them, in fact, though tough negotiations with greedy TV networks clearly lead the list. In a nutshell, Apple finds it impossible at the moment to hit the $40 monthly price target and assemble a satisfactory collection of popular channels. No wonder, considering how much costlier your typical cable package is nowadays.

Apple TV service

And why should CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, HBO, Showtime or FX cut a newbie some slack? Especially when they’re all aware of said rookie’s financial resources. Big stumbling block in Apple’s path to TV domination, yet the project is merely delayed until some point next year, not canceled altogether.

Yeah, right, like the first Apple TV set was pushed back from 2013 to 2014, then 2015, now 2016. Let’s face it, this sort of blind dive into a risky and uber-competitive landscape doesn’t sound like Apple’s M.O., and it’s quite the logistical challenge as well.

The computer network that the TV service requires to run glitch-free is huge and expensive, and it’s probably not worth the gamble. So, let’s just resign ourselves to another boring Apple TV set-top box announcement on September 9, then a subsequent couple of years of peace and quiet on the TV front, sprinkled with unfounded rumors from time to time.

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