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New Apple Store expected to be opened in One World Trade Center shopping mall

One World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, New York, is the primary building of the new World Trade Center complex. It is going to have a shopping mall and apparently Apple is going to open a new retail store there.


The planned shopping mall is owned by Westfield group, it is being reportedly that major retailers have already signed up for as much 90 percent of the first available retail sites. According to reports, Apple is also one of the companies that’s going to open a store in the new mall. If this particular location is opened, it would be Apple’s fifth retail store in Manhattan, New York.

It was expected that Apple will open a new retail store in this mall, given the size of this project. Apart from that, the new World Trade Center is also a big transportation hub. The huge amount of foot traffic will be beneficial for retailers who’ve set up shop in the mall, and apparently Apple is looking to capitalize on this as well. Rent for retail locations in the mall is said to be as high as $500-$600 per square foot, it is not known right now how much ground the new Apple Retail Store will take up.

The shopping mall will be located under three of the towers at One World Trade Center, it will occupy the lower floors of two towers. A launch with limited capacity is expected next year. A full opening of the mall is expected to take place in 2015, it is likely that Apple’s new store will open its doors alongside the main launch.

Source: AppleInsider

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