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New Apple patent details magnetically secured SIM tray for future devices

Apple may have found a way to eliminate the need for a SIM ejector tool. The company’s new patent filing details a method which would secure SIM tray magnetically, not mechanically.


This particular patent is titled “Systems and methods for ejecting removable modules from electronic devices,” and it basically details that future devices will eject and retain SIM trays by magnetic means. Currently, a hole is required in the exterior of the device through which the SIM ejector tool is pushed in, then the internal retaining clips let the tray pop out. Apple says that this method takes up a lot of space and that it proves as an entry point for dirt.

By removing the internal retaining clips and making the SIM tray even smaller, Apple would be able to make its future devices even thinner as it would save valuable real estate within the device by employing magnets. Not only that, users won’t have to use a SIM ejector tool, and they wouldn’t be at a loss if they couldn’t find such a tool when they needed it. SIM ejector tools are quite small and its easy to misplace them, and if they’re not required, users wouldn’t have to worry about keeping them in a safe place.

As is the case with all patents, one can’t really be sure when the technology will make its way into future devices. Apple hasn’t said exactly when it intends to replace the internal mechanism with magnets to retain the SIM tray, though whenever it does, its likely that the move will be much appreciated.

Source: AppleInsider

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