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New 3D imaging concept gives you AR x-ray vision

Dai Nippon Printing has recently unveiled their latest tech concept, one that might just add new depth and dimension to current 3D imaging and augmented reality (AR) technology.


According to this Japanese printing company, the idea actually uses something that is somewhat roughly equivalent to a 3D image projection system and a Kinect device combined. Users will be able to see a full 360-degree projected AR image using 3D glasses, and “see through” it by pointing to certain areas of the image. With the system’s sensors, anything that is within the immediate area of the user’s pointing finger (on the 3D image) would then render itself as “transparent”. New visual information regarding that area would then be available for viewing.

For the moment, we only have the featured image above to show how this would work. However, the idea would be showcased at the Aomori Museum of Art in Japan, as a proof-of-concept prototype. As seen in the featured image, the presentation would be Ancient Egypt-themed. The virtual pyramid to be presented is scaled at 1/100, with its interior visible and accessible using the system’s “see-through” feature.

In the previous years, there have been attempts to use augmented and mixed reality technologies to museums and art galleries in Japan. The Japanese National Museum of Nature and Science for instance have their Deep Sea Cam app, which uses exhibit markers to call up 3D models that can be inserted into the immediate background. Imaging-wise however, most of these apps are restricted to the screen of your mobile device, which is why these ideas are considered strictly 2D only.

After the exhibit in Aomori City, Dai Nippon Printing plans to use the application data that they will gain from the prototype, in order to design a more advanced and practical version of their concept.

Source: DNP (JP)

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