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New $22,000 rifle aims itself and streams video

TrackingPoint has released their new Precision-Guided Firearm for about $22,000. This rifle can not only aim itself and turn a novice into an expert marksman, but it can also stream video of the shot to your tablet.

An inevitability that comes with the progression of technology in society is the advancement of weaponry that becomes available. TrackingPoint, a Texas based company, is also the maker of the world’s first Precision-Guided Firearm (or PGF). Which is just clever way of naming a sniper rifle that can aim itself? They say that this can turn anyone into an expert with a rifle. “With TrackingPoint, even a novice shooter can become an elite long-range marksman in minutes, accurately and effectively engaging targets out to 1,200 yards.”

If you already found that to be impressive (or frightening), wait until you hear that it can stream the rifle taking directly to your tablet. “In addition to precision technology that mitigates all of the most common shooting errors to ensure accuracy, the system's built in Wi-Fi and ShotView(tm) streaming video mobile app let shooters share their experience with others in real time with a smartphone or tablet.”

This all sounds a little scary, especially when you consider the long term implications of this type of rifle becoming more mainstream. If it were to land in the hands of someone with malicious intent, the havoc they could cause without even having any proper gun training could potentially be horrifying. With that said, TrackingPoint continues to emphasize the use of the rifle for game hunting alone, saying that it provides the ability to ensure ethical harvesting of game, by placing the shot exactly where it should land, causing the animal the least amount of suffering. In that context, it definitely sounds very useful.

The rifle comes in multiple models offering different ranges. Early adopters will also receive a free iPad Mini with the TrackingPoint app pre-installed. They’re available for purchase now and will run you about $22,500.  More details can be seen on the TrackingPoint website.

Source: Tracking Point Via: Venturebeat

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