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‘Neverending Nightmares’ acheives Kickstarter funding goal in a last minute flurry of activity

Neverending Nightmares — the indie project inspired by the developer’s own battle with mental illness — squeezed past its Kickstarter goal with just hours left before the deadline and will release next year on Ouya, Windows, Mac and Linux simultaneously.


Well, that was a close one.

Neverending Nightmares just barely crossed it’s Kickstarter target of $99,000 during the final few hours of the funding period. The brainchild of developer Matt Gilgenbach, the game promises a new take on the psychological horror genre. Drawing on Gilbenbach’s struggles with depression and obsessive compulsive disorder, as well as taking inspiration from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the game aims to tell a deeply personal story and hopes to change your perception of what a horror game is.

It certainly looks different.

The final few hours of the kickstarter campaign were chaotic. A backer from Brazil, Gabriel Pinto, accidentally pledged a whopping $9000 more than he had intended, pushing the project over the finish line. However, as Pinto would have been unable to pay the amount he had unwittingly promised, there was plenty of confusion about what would happen if the time limit expired. Luckily, the community took action, with many raising their own pledged amount to allow Pinto to reduce his donation to a reasonable limit, all the while keeping the game above the target level.

It’s an act of camaraderie that has stunned developer Matt Gilgenbach.

“Wow! You guys are the greatest backers any Kickstarter project has ever had,” he wrote on the project’s kickstarter page. “I really mean that. I actually slept really poorly last night, so I am having trouble making sense of anything, but all that I know is I am extremely happy and I have you to thank!”

Neverending Nightmares is one of the games in Ouya’s ‘Free the Games Fund’ initiative, which has been getting nothing but bad press since it was launched. However, now that Ouya has changed the rules, the title will be launching simultaneously on Ouya, Windows, Mac and Linux in August next year.

Source: Joystiq

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