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Who needs ‘Flappy Bird’ when you have ‘Flappy Doge’

As the drama of Dong Nguyen and his indie hit Flappy Bird unfolds, addicts of the dead title can now relieve some of their need for aerial indigestion by playing Flappy Doge.


Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen said that the game ruined his simple life, and hastily pulled the game.  Saddened and possibly angered by such a decision, Flappy Bird addicts are now on the hunt for an alternative.

Flappy Bird creator killed the bird

Nguyen explicitly stated that Flappy Bird is not for sale, so we won’t likely see an ‘official’ version resurfacing any time soon.  In the meantime, however, people can enjoy that same tube dodging fun that is in Flappy Bird with Flappy Doge, a browser-based alternative with a flapping(?) dog.

iPhone with Flappy Bird pre-installed selling for $100K on eBay

Instead of controlling a bird, you’ll be responsible for helping Shiba Inu to float (funny jumping?) past each obstacle, and crown yourself king of the time-killers.  Check out Flappy Doge here.

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