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Need to do some torrenting? There’s an App for that.

Remember how Apple always loves to claim in its iPhone advertisements that there will always be an app available for just about anything the typical consumer can think of? Turns out that Google's latest addition to the Android Market has all but rubbished Apple's smug boasts. Anyone fancy the convenience of running a BitTorrent client from the comfort of an Android-powered smartphone? Well, iOS users need not apply, though.

Okay, we'll admit that we might have just exaggerated a little about a new torrent manager being God's gift to hardcore downloaders who cannot stomach the idea of not being able to religiously manage their download queue while on the move. After all, it is an open secret that other torrent managers have already existed on the Android Market way before this particular one was released.

That being said, the fact that the company responsible for developing and distributing the BitTorrent protocol to millions of users around the world would release an official client for a smartphone platform is definitely something worth looking at. And in this case, it is BitTorrent's popular lightweight client known as uTorrent that has finally made its grand appearance on the Android Market.

According to technology website Technabob, the Android port of uTorrent sports the same functions and features as many other similar clients available for Google's smartphone OS. This means that uTorrent for Android by no means an actual BitTorrent client in its own right, but a torrent manager which allows users to remotely access and manage their home PC's BitTorrent client, such as adding or removing downloads from the download queue.

But that's not all. In addition to providing the basic remote access over a user's home PC's BitTorrent client, the Android port of uTorrent does come with one extra feature which is sure to appeal to movie junkies. Apparently, uTorrent sports the ability to transfer completed downloads from the home PC over to the Android-powered device for immediate usage. And we all know that nothing can be more exciting than being able to watch a freshly downloaded movie on the move instead of having to sit through the journey home to do so.

However, not everything about uTorrent is good though. According to the details posted on Android Market product page, the app is currently compatible only with uTorrent 3.0 Alpha for the desktop, which in turn is a Windows-only application. This effectively makes the app unusable for all non-Windows users, at least until the official desktop client eventually gets ported, in spite of how slim the chances of an OS X user owning an Android-powered device are.

Then again, with BitTorrent choosing to make its official uTorrent app available for the Android operating system instead of Apple's iOS, it seems that concept of walled gardens not geting much love from the big developers might just strike a chord with disgruntled iOS users. Well, the grass is always greener on the other side, no?

Source: Android Market via Technabob

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