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NEC announces upgrades for super thin Lifetouch L tablet

TV lovers might want to hold off on buying that new Galaxy Tab 2 or Kindle Fire. NEC has announced a round of improvements to their super thin Lifetouch L tablet that should make it very attractive to those mainly looking to use their tablets for TV and movies.

With a 10.1 inch 1200×800 pixel screen and a battery life that allows 13 hours of surfing or 10 hours of video playback, this tablet had plenty to offer even before the new upgrades. Its hard to beat in the realm of portability either, weighing only 540g compared to an iPad's 652g. Users impressed by the Lifetouch L's light weight are sure to find its 7.99mm depth, again compared to an iPad's 9.4mm, aesthetically appealing as well.


Now the word from NEC is that starting in December new Lifetouch L tablets stream television broadcasts. The tablets come loaded with DiXiM, an app which allows you to wirelessly view movies stored on your home network on the device.

Another bonus will be starting November 8th, users will be able to easily save and access pictures and documents on SkyDrive. So it's not all fun and games and the Lifetouch L's potential as a business tool has certainly not escaped the reader. The tablets have always come in two versions, an individual model with 32GB of storage, and a business model with 16GB of storage and extra security. As of November 2nd the two versions are different colors as well. New business models are now all white, in response to feedback from the women's fashion and cosmetics sales assistants who have adopted it for commercial use in Japan; and the individual model is now known as Streamline Black.

It doesn't come without a warning, however. Word among Japanese early reviewers is that although they were impressed by the battery life and the quality of the screen, they were disappointed to discover they could not play recorded videos from their hard disks on the device.

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