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Nativ Vita is a new take on a modern high-res music system


Nativ Sound wants to change the way people listen to and access music with a new cutting-edge music player and touchscreen control center dubbed the Nativ Vita.

The Nativ Vita includes a large 11.6” IPS touchscreen display and up to 4TB capacity. That means you can store all your favorite high-res music without having to worry about running out of space. Not only can you store music locally, you can also stream music from popular music services such as Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal to your PC, NAS or a smartphone. It also happens to be the world’s first to play music videos directly on your TV. The music system can be connected to you’re A/V receiver or USB DAC. Alternatively, you can stream music wirelessly to your headphones or wireless speakers, without having to compromise on audio quality.

Nativ Vita

Interacting with the Nativ Vita is quite easy. Its built-in multi-directional microphone and voice control feature allows users to simply speak to the Vita and ask it to play music of their choice. In addition to music, the large display of the Vita can be used to view music videos from YouTube, Google Play Music or Spotify. Want to watch them on the big screen instead? Simply connect your Nativ Vita to your TV via HDMI or even wirelessly with Google Cast.

Nativ Vita 2

In addition to the Vita, Nativ also has a new fully balanced DAC and headphone amp dubbed the Wave. And in order to get the maximum performance out of the Nativ Wave, the company is also offering a new high-precision linear power supply, the Nativ Pulse.

The Nativ Vita is currently available for order on Indiegogo for $699 only, a $900 discount over its expected retail pricing of $1,599. Nativ expects to start shipping the Vita in October this year. The Nativ Wave fully balanced USB DAC & headphone amp on the other hand is available for order on Indiegogo currently at $999, a discount of $900 over the retail price of $1,899. It too is expected to ship in October this year.

For more details, head to Nativ’s Indiegogo campaign page at the source link below.

Source: Nativ (Indiegogo)


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