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Nationite S:Flo2 PMP Review

The S:Flo2 has a minimalistic appearance, and bares a slight resemblace to Apple’s iPod touch.

There is a single button just below the 3.5-inch touchscreen display (480×250 pixels resolution), which functions as the media player’s power and menu button.

Looks that… kill?

Although the screen does not utilize OLED technology, it is still bright and vivid but visibility suffers under direct sunlight. We felt that the touchscreen is not as sensitive as we would like it to be; at times, we would need to apply more pressure in order to have the S:Flo2 register the input.

Seamless design

The player has a smooth and sleek metal housing that appears seamless, and is quite resistant to scratches as well. On the whole, the S:Flo2 does surprise a little with its solid build.


Oh, expansion slot?

In addition to the player’s built-in memory, the S:Flo2 also comes with a microSD card slot that allows user to access their extensive media on the player. It is extremely useful for those who listen to their collections in lossless file formats – which can take up huge amounts of space. It is also useful for viewing photographs directly from a digital camera’s microSD card.


Right at the bottom of the player is where all the action is at.  Both 3.5mm headphones output and a line level output are provided.  i.e. The latter is a boon for those who wish to hook it up to an amplifier.

Yes, scroll wheel from the 80s

We also noticed that the Nationite sports a volume control wheel, which seems a little out-of-place especially when the media player is touch-capable. Perhaps it is designed that way for faster volume control access instead of having to go through the display. On a side note, the volume control wheel is able to provide precise adjustments.

Right at the corner sits a mini-USB port for both charging and data transfer.


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