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Mystery new Motorola Droid pictured, trio of Motos visit FCC

Lenovo’s short-term release plans for their new daughter company are all a blur at the moment, with unannounced Motorola handhelds materializing left and right via certification agencies, import authorities and trusted leaksters.

Motorola Droid 2015

Let’s be honest, the past 24 months or so have brought to light a fairly confusing batch of otherwise intriguing Moto phones running near-stock Android. There are four marginally different G variants already, plus a couple of Xs and Es.

Then you have the Verizon-exclusive Droid Turbo, launched in a handful of international markets as the Moto Maxx, which was preceded on Big Red by an Ultra – Maxx – Mini trio back in 2013. Up next, they say VZW could return to Droid diversity, picking up at least two separate Turbo spin-offs.

One of these just posed with its face carefully concealed, merely showing off a patterned rear that somewhat resembles the Turbo’s, only uglier. If we were to (wildly) speculate, we’d guess this is a long overdue Droid Mini follow-up, with mid-end specifications in tow and a screen measuring 5 inches tops in diagonal.

Kinzie FCC

Meanwhile, over at the FCC, a bunch of intentionally cryptic Motos quietly scored necessary approval to soon go on sale, presumably on more than one US network. The so-called “Kinzie” may have gotten the green-light for all big four American carriers, so clearly, it’s something else than the Turbo 2. Possibly the third-gen Moto X. Or perhaps a different flagship altogether, with Snapdragon 810 power, 3 GB RAM and 20 MP camera.

For its part, Sprint seems ready to welcome a sub-5.2 inch mid-range Android soldier, which sounds a lot like that oft-pictured new Moto G.

Last but not least, the Federal Communications Commission apparently upholds the theory Verizon will receive Droid roster reinforcements in the near future. However, the non-flagship exposed by the admission bureau purportedly falls around the 5.2-inch display mark, so it doesn’t really fit the description of a Droid Mini 2. Maybe a cross of sorts between the original Mini and Ultra?

Let’s wait and see, because it’s all too jumbled to make heads or tails of.

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