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Mystery HTC phone shows up on Chinese website

Well, it seems like HTC has done it again. Barely a couple of weeks after an employee was spotted with a prototype model of what appears to be an upcoming smartphone on the subway, it appears that yet another leak of another supposed HTC prototype has somehow managed to make its way online. Now, the biggest question is, what phone is it supposed to be?

Remember that tiny bit of news we posted about an upcoming smartphone from HTC that had the tentative name 'Saga' and is expected to make its official debut some time in May this year? Well, it appears that HTC's overenthusiastic staff and testers may have already taken all the wind out of the Taiwanese smartphone OEM's sails.

And if you are wondering why we are going out on a limb and making such a bold claim, the answer is rather simple. Apparently, a person by the name of SeannScott has somehow managed to convience the holder of a prototype HTC smartphone to let him take some photographs of the aforementioned device, of which two were posted on a Chinese site known as Mobile 01.

That  being said, it is worth noting that SeannScott does not make any references to any particular upcoming smartphone in his post, which means that this particular device might not be the HTC Saga that some have claimed it is. However, SeannScott does claim that the unidentified HTC prototype phone sports a few interesting features such as a unibody design similar to that of the Legend and Mozart, along with an eight megapixel rear camera and an LED flash. And just like all HTC smartphones out there, this unidentified phone also sports the well-known HTC Sense UI.

Unfortunately, the single factor which highly suggests that the mystery phone is not the fabled HTC Saga lies in the choice of firmware being used in the prototype. This is because SeannScott has confirmed that the prototype was preloaded with the relatively old Android 2.2.1 (aka Froyo) ROM and not Gingerbread or even a preview build of Honeycomb. And if one takes into consideration that unamed sources have previously claimed that the Saga will ship with Honeycomb preloaded, it does raise some questions as to why HTC would opt to test the prototype with an old version of Android instead of Gingerbread or even experimental Honeycomb to ensure maximum compatibility.

Either way, the fact that images of a prototype HTC phone have started showing up online has confirmed one fact: that there is at least one Android-powered smartphone which the Taiwanese OEM did not publicly display to trade partners in last month's CES2011. And like many from all over the world, we really hope that HTC does not intend to ship this phone with Froyo if it intends to release it under the Saga name.

Source: Mobile01

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