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Mystery HTC Desire 8 poses for camera, looks like a massive, plasticky HTC One

Making good on its recent promise of refocusing on entry-level and mid-range handhelds in the near future, HTC is reportedly hard at work on a 5.5-inch plastic-made phablet dubbed Desire 8.


It takes quite a lot of guts for HTC to keep its faith strong in the tumbling Desire line despite so many flops and misses of late, but we may just be looking at the family’s first member in ages capable of turning things around.

Meet the Desire 8, or Desire 800, how we think it’ll be branded once it goes official. After all, it wouldn’t make much sense to follow a Desire 700 with an 8, right?

Whatever it’s to be called though, ultimately its fate lies in features, pricing-quality ratio and, most of all, marketing. No word on how much HTC is going to invest in publicity, and also nothing about market costs yet, what we “know” is the Desire 800 will be a fairly modest 5.5-incher with 13 MP (not UltraPixel) and 5 MP cameras.

Sounds… not very modest to me, so in the end, this giant might be positioned as an upper mid-ranger rather than a genuine mid-tier device. Of course, in the absence of other specifics, such as processing speed, RAM, screen resolution or battery size, it’s difficult to be certain of that.

Either way, you can bet the farm HTC will put a lot of advertising emphasis on Desire 8’s stereo front-facing speakers, plus possibly the design too. Sure, this is no all-metal One or One max, yet it’s still sleek and slim. Also, allegedly playful and colorful, with red, yellow, orange and cyan paint jobs offered in addition to the pictured white option.

Now, since the M8, aka One Plus or One 2, is not expected to debut until March, you’d think the Desire 8 is a prime candidate for a formal intro later this month, at the Mobile World Congress. Only the leaked pic seems to hint at a March 18 ETA, with Beijing the likeliest venue. Unless HTC plans to stage two announcements.

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