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Mysterious Samsung Galaxy Tab S Pro in the works to fend off iPad Pro

It appears at least three ultra-high-end Android slates manufactured by Samsung will roll out before 2015 wraps up, all with Super AMOLED displays probably in tow.

Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

The 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro are dead, long live the Tab S Pro! So much for a streamlined, easier to understand product roster from the world’s most successful mobile device designer. As if the Tab S 2 8.0 and Tab S 2 9.7 names weren’t confusing and tongue-twisting enough, an S Pro sans a numeric suffix is reportedly nigh.

When will it break cover and, most importantly, why? Hard to say, but it can’t be long, given the Korean outfit behind so many interchangeable Android pads already took the precaution to trademark the Tab S Pro brand.

Of course, not all patented labels end up being used commercially, yet there’s something about a 12 inch+ Lollipop powerhouse that feels imminent. Perhaps it’s because those longstanding Apple iPad Pro rumors are back on the table, calling for an early 2016 launch, at the latest.

Tab S Pro trademark

Clearly, Sammy needs a business and education-centric “laptop replacement” of its own, hopefully with Microsoft Surface Pro-like versatility. And a sharper screen than the LCD on last year’s Tab Pro, a more contemporary processor (possibly S6’s Exynos 7420), at least 3 GB RAM and north of 10-hour battery life.

But we’re getting slightly ahead of ourselves with such detailed speculation regarding an unconfirmed gadget. Meanwhile, the just about set in stone Tab S2 pair recently paid an obligatory visit to the Korean Communications Commission, aka the local FCC.

Needless to highlight the 4:3 iPad mini 3/iPad Air 2 challengers are ergo one step closer to their official releases, with optional LTE connectivity and 2,048 x 1,536 display resolution serving as prospective key selling points.

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