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MyRepublic Invades Singaporean Telco Market With Unbeatable Plans

We all know that feeling – receiving your monthly bill from your telco provider only to find out that you’ve surpassed your data limit. It is never cheap, with penalties at times costing almost 50% of your total bill per GB over the limit. MyRepublic, in its landmark entrance into the long-stagnant telco market in Singapore, aims to assuage those fears with their new line of plans,  and with the introduction of several defining features.

Redefining the telco industry in the Asia-Pacific region, MyRepublic has operations in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. By utilising a proprietary cloud-based platform, the company is able to provide flexible, and cost-effective solutions in the stale, consumer-unfriendly telco markets of the region.

Shivendra Singh, CMO of MyRepublic, announces the company’s entrance into the Singaporean telco market. Image: MyRepublicb

A first amongst the existing telco providers in the country, MyRepublic will provide unlimited data on all plans. This feature will be implemented by allowing users to continue using their mobile data even when used beyond the stated limit, but with a throttle on connectivity speeds. Even at lowered connection speeds, users still retain full usage of their apps and function on their phones.

Users are then able to opt to return to full speed by paying SGD3.50 for a 500MB Data Booster that is valid for 30 days. If going over the data limit has become a habit, users are able to purchase recurring Data Boosters for 1GB at SGD5.

Centring on the company’s “simple and worry-free” philosophy, the company has released three plans to suit a variety of users. The Smart plan comes in at 7GB of data at SGD35, Mega with 12GB at SGD55, and Xtra with 25GB at SGD85. The Xtra plan will also include a 2GB “Roam Like Home Essential” data add-on, which allows users who are frequent fliers around the region to travel without any worries.

Image: MyRepublic

These three plans are the first publically available plans. The Uno and Ultimate plans were announced a month back as an exclusive for supporters for its mobility bid and subscribers of its broadband services.

Generosity is the name of the game for the fledgeling Singaporean telco. For customers who also opt for MyRepublic broadband at home, they stand to enjoy 3GB bonus data on the Smart plan, and 8GB of bonus data for the Mega and Xtra plans.

In line with the company’s mantra, mobile roaming is simplified and made worry-free. Instead of the rocket science of data charges imposed by other telcos, MyRepublic divides all the countries into three zones and charges a flat rate for incoming calls each.

MyRepublic also ensures that customers do not face any hidden costs. This means no charges for Caller ID or change of mobile plans.

The telco entrant is able to meet customer demands with its “Thick MVNO” approach. By ensuring greater control over its access networks and technology, the company is able to tailor specific plans for different segments and users in the market.

This also means that we can expect a wide array of plans by MyRepublic in the coming months. These include phone bundles and fixed-mobile converged plans. You can find out more about the new mobile plans by MyRepublic here.

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  1. Brian

    For 27 SGD ( 129 DKkr ) we Danes get unlimited speech / SMS/MMS and free data ( 1 Tb / mo )

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